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2.7 million

animals are euthanized each year.


of animals who enter shelters are spayed or neutered.

Animal shelters across the nation are forced to stretch their resources to the brink to accommodate an overwhelming population of homeless and at-risk animals. Each year, approximately 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide—and nearly 3 million don't make it out.

At Just Paws Pet Services we strive to find as many homes as we can for loving pets who were either lost, abandoned, abused and/or neglected. We are Non-for profit when it comes to adopting and we work with local shelters to help find the perfect home for our furry friends. 

Meet Our Furry Friends

Adoption Pics

Hi! I am Willow. I currently have no friends needing adopted at our location. But I have several that need a good home. Check out the links provided for the right choice for you. Thank you!!

Sullivan County Humane Society

Terre Haute Humane Society

New Pet Checklist - 

New Pet Checklist

Check out our list of items you may want to consider before you get home and say to yourself..."Uh-oh, I forgot to get..."

The Basics

  • Water & food bowls

  • Specialty food

  • Collar

  • ID tag

  • Leash

  • Bed/pillow/pad

  • Pick-up bags & dispensers

  • Treats

  • Plush toys

Nutritional Needs

  • Vitamins & supplements

  • Food scoop/storage bin

  • Training treats

Toys & Chews

  • Chew toys

  • Fetch toys

  • Rubber toys

  • Rawhide

Training & More

  • Dog door

  • Potty pads

  • Pooper scooper

  • Crate

  • Carrier

  • Training books & videos

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